Aspen Rentals, Inc. provides high quality belt press rental units to municipal and industrial clients throughout North America. The mobile belt press trailers have been completely rebuilt and customized to make the unit user friendly and safe. The belt press rental fleet is made up of specially chosen models of belt presses providing both the driest cake and greatest amount of sludge throughput.

The belt press rental units' motors and pumps are all on variable frequency drives to allow the operator control of numerous variables during sludge dewatering. Work area on the trailers has been expanded to over 16 ft wide for overall operator safety and convenience. Our diversified fleet of mobile and skid mounted belt presses gives Aspen Rentals the ability to place the most efficient technology to fit your sludge dewatering needs.

Mission Statement

The staff at Aspen Rentals specialize in servicing your project with the newest technology available. We provide a cost effective, time-saving and ecologically responsible solutions to all types of sludge dewatering and removal projects, in any industry.

Our diversified fleet of mobile and skid mounted equipment enables Aspen Rentals to provide the highest quality separation and dewatering process, based on years of experience in specific sludge stream for each customer’s unique objectives.

At Aspen Rentals we design the most effecient technology to fit the correct dewatering solution for each and every project. For more information please contact us.

Company Profile

Aspen Rentals has for years provided high quality, mobile belt press rental units to our wastewater and industrial clients worldwide. Our rental fleet contains mobile and skid mounted belt filter presses designed to give you the highest cake solids possible.

Aspen Rentals will happily provide quotes for setup and training services upon request. If you choose, our personnel have a combined 60 years of dewatering experience and are available as operators for any of the rental units.

Aspen Rentals Hours:

Mon-Fri: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm CST
After Hours call -
(505) 670-5968 For Rentals
(979) 201-1329 For Repairs