Aspen Press Rentals

aspen pressFor years, Aspen Rentals has been providing wastewater, municipal and industrial clients around the world with high quality mobile belt press rental units. Our line of Aspen press rentals contains both mobile and skid mounted belt filter units designed to provide the largest amount of sludge throughput and driest cake solids possible.

Aspen Press Rentals

Our diversified fleet of mobile press rentals have been completely rebuilt and customized with operator safety and convenience in mind. In addition to widening our trailers to over 16 feet, we’ve also placed the units’ pumps and motors on variable frequency drives. This allows operators to have complete control on a variety of variables throughout the sludge dewatering process.

Gravity Belt Thickeners

Our 2.2 meter skid mounted thickener features automated flash blending polymer units, in addition to a sludge discharge chute, boost water pump and electric controls. The unit features a patented pressure plate, which is installed at the end of the gravity zone. This allows the operator to further adjust the amount of pressure applied to the sludge for maximum solid content.

Mobile Belt Filter Presses

Thirteen mobile Aspen press rentals are available in our fleet of specially selected belt filter presses. Most of our units feature a large, air-conditioned control room, automated emulsion polymer make down system, and an extended gravity zone.

Skid Mounted Belt Presses

Our selection of skid mounted belt presses includes nine different models. Four of the newest additions have stainless steel catwalks, in addition to a 4” sludge feed pump, extended gravity zone and stepdeck trailer.

Plate and Frame Filter Presses

For the heavy jobs, consider renting our plate and frame filter press. This Aspen press rental has a conveyor belt secured under the unit to receive dewatered cake. Mounted on a 48-foot tri-axle trailer, the press requires 100 amp breaker power supply and fresh water pumped at 100 gallons per minute. We can provide hoses for sludge feed upon request.

For the highest quality mobile sludge dewatering units, check out the line of Aspen press rentals. No matter what industry or application, our range of equipment can provide you with a time-saving, cost effective and ecologically responsible solution to your sludge removal project. Contact us today for a quote.

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