Belt Filter Press

filter pressAspen Rentals is a leading source of high-quality mobile belt filter press rental units in the United States.

Belt Filter Press

A belt filter press is often used in municipal, industrial or specialized applications to remove water from a solid-liquid mixture, or “slurry.” During this dewatering process, a belt filter press will utilize two or three porous belts and increasing forces of pressure and gravity to remove water. First, gravity pushes the water out of the slurry mixture, allowing the subsequent sludge to thicken. Next, pressure is applied to expose the sludge to increasing forces that encourage filtration. The resulting filtrate is removed and piped to the bottom of the machine, and the water is drained away.

Rental Fleet

Aspen Rentals offers a variety of belt presses within our impressive rental fleet. We have over a dozen mobile belt filter presses mounted on trailers for easy transport. We offer nearly ten different kinds of ski mounted belt presses, in addition to plate and frame filter presses and gravity belt thickeners.

Custom Units

All of our mobile belt filter press trailers have been completely taken apart and rebuilt in our attempt to customize our rentals for safety and ease of use. In addition, our units’ motors and pumps have all been placed on variable frequency drives to allow for control of numerous variables during use. Our specially chosen models also provide the greatest amount of sludge throughput and the driest cake possible.

At Aspen Rentals, our personnel have a combined 60 years of dewatering experience and are committed to providing our clients with the newest technologies available. We strive to provide a cost effective and ecologically responsible solution to all types of sludge dewatering projects, regardless of industry. And with our diversified fleet of rental units, we can provide the highest quality separation and dewatering services for a variety of specific needs and objectives.

No matter your dewatering requirements, Aspen Rentals is sure to stock the belt filter press you need. Contact us today to view our rentals.

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