Belt Press Rental Equipment

belt pressFor the highest quality and most diverse line of mobile and skid mounted belt press rental units, contact the sludge dewatering experts at Aspen Rentals. For years, we’ve provided municipal, wastewater and industrial clients around the world with the belt press rentals that best satisfied their sludge removal project requirements.

Dewatering and Sludge Removal Process

A belt press is designed to removal liquid – usually water – from a slurry mixture. By using a number of porous belts, a filter press will utilize both pressure and gravity to separate the water from the liquid-solid suspension. During the gravity stage, sludge is allowed to thicken as the filtrate, or water, is removed. Adding pressure further exposes the sludge to increased forces, further removing water and increasing filtration.

The filtrate is removed and often piped to the base of the machine. It can also be used as belt wash water. The solids are discharged as a high solid content friable cake.

Equipment Rentals

At Aspen, we offer a line of diverse belt press filters that includes mobile belt filter presses, skid mounted belt presses, plate and frame presses and gravity belt thickeners.

Our mobile belt press rental units have been completely rebuilt and customized to ensure operator safety and easy of use. We’ve widened our trailers to accommodate 16 feet of space, allowing more room for a safe work space. The units’ motors and pumps have also been placed on variable frequency drives, allowing full operator control throughout the entire dewatering process.

Our Mission

At Aspen Rentals, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with time-saving, cost effective and ecologically responsible solutions to their dewatering and sludge removal projects – no matter the industry. Our diversified fleet is made up of customized and specially selected units for the highest quality separation and dewatering solutions possible. We call upon our combined 60 years of experience in sludge removal to recommend specific equipment, chemicals and services that will best fit our customer’s unique projects. For more information, contact us today.

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