Belt Press Rental

The diversified line of mobile belt press rental units available through Aspen Rentals has been used by municipal, industrial and wastewater treatment facilities throughout North America. Our high quality and completely custom mobile units are specially selected models that are known for providing both the driest cake and highest rate of sludge throughput.

Depending upon your project scope, Aspen Rentals can recommend the correct belt press rental for the job. For proper and effective sludge dewatering, the technicians at Aspen Rentals will conduct an evaluation of several methodologies to pinpoint specific sludge characteristics and project limitations. After analyzing the data, they’ll recommend the best rental unit for the job. Belt filter presses and centrifuges are best for large jobs, which require continuous dewatering. Our plate and frame presses are best for batch dewatering projects.

belt filter press
All of the mobile belt press rentals at Aspen Rentals have been completely rebuilt and customized with operator safety in mind. The width of our trailers have been expanded to 16 feet to ensure ample room for operators to safely navigate around the presses. We’ve also modified the motors and pumps to run on variable frequency drives so operators can control numerous variables throughout the dewatering process.

In addition to our high quality belt press rental units, we also offer a line of replacement parts. We stock satin and spiral weave wastewater belts, in addition to drilled and slotted scraper blades.

Our maintenance services are performed by a team of highly trained personnel with a combined 60 years of experience in the dewatering industry. We can perform regular maintenance, preventative services and even emergency assistance. We can offer training session for our clients’ engineers and operators, and can support clients with either formal maintenance contracts or on an as-needed basis. Our technicians can provide first class repair services at our facility, but will also travel to our clients’ locations as well. Our professional approach, coupled with our vast wealth of knowledge and experience, consistently provides exceptional results.

For the best dewatering services, products and belt press rental units available in the country, contact Aspen Rentals today.

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