Belt Press Sludge Equipment Rentals

belt press sludgeFor a number of years, Aspen Rentals has been providing belt press sludge removal and dewatering equipment to wastewater, industrial and municipal clients around the world. Our diversified fleet of gravity belt thickeners and mobile, skid mounted, and plate and frame presses can tackle any sludge removal project, regardless of industry.

Belt Press Sludge Removal Process

Belt presses were designed to be used in specialized applications the required the removal of a liquid from a liquid-solid suspension, or slurry. The liquid being removed is often water, which is why the process is called dewatering. Belt press sludge removal starts when two or three porous belts apply increasing amounts of gravity and pressure on the slurry mixture. As the filtrate, or water, is removed, a sludge begins to thicken within the machine. The filtrate is captured and piped to the base of the machine. Or it can also be used as belt wash water. The resulting sludge discharge is a friable cake with a high solids content.

Equipment & Services

In addition to our high quality mobile belt press filter rentals, we also supply skid mounted belt presses, gravity belt thickeners and plate and frame filter presses. Our machines are designed to provide both the driest cake and the greatest amount of sludge throughput.

Although Aspen provides a line of specially selected and customized belt filter presses, it’s important to understand the specifics of your particular sludge characteristics and project limitations. Successful sludge dewatering requires an in-depth evaluation of several methodologies to ensure the best results.

The experts at Aspen Rentals will conduct a sludge analysis and make subsequent recommendations on the best equipment and polymer chemistry to use. For example, centrifuges and belt press filters offer continuous dewatering, while plate and frame presses provide batch sludge removal. Figuring out your project scope, resources and intended outcome will inform which type of machinery will best serve your project.

After our experts make their recommendations, we can provide you with all necessary dewatering equipment, pumps and conveyors, in addition to polymers, technical support, and even replacement parts.

When it comes to belt press sludge removal and dewatering, the professionals at Aspen Rentals have a combined 60 years of experience. Our equipment is designed to provide you with the best dewatering solutions to your sludge removal project, no matter your project. Contact us today to talk to our team or request a quote.

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