Aspen Rentals maintains a ready to deploy rental centrifuge fleet.  We offer our customers the ability to lease or rent a centrifuge to meet their immediate needs.   With a rich history in the wastewater industry we have created our centrifuge rental program to meet our customer's needs and budgets.  

Our rental program is not limited to the wastewater industry. Centrifuge products are currently in operation across many industries including, oil and gas, meat rendering, waste water treatment, chemical processing plants, nutrient control, bio diesel processing, and food products.

Mobile Centrifuge Trailers

Aspen Rental's mobile centrifuge trailers are designed for plug and play operations to setup and operate within hours. All mobile units contain heated / air-conditioned control rooms and spacious work areas for operation.

Aspen Rentals will happily provide quotes for setup and training services upon request. If you choose, our personnel have a combined 60 years of dewatering experience and are available as operators for any of the rental units.

Aspen Rentals Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm CST
After Hours call -
(505) 670-5968 For Rentals
(979) 201-1329 For Repairs

Centrifuge Unit

An example of one of our rental units is a 18.5-inch wide by 56 inches long bowl with VFD electronic controls for bowl, conveyor, pumps and polymer. The conveyor is fully hardened. The centrifuge is a two-phase unit and will require a 480 three phase, 100-amp breaker power supply.  Unit comes with a 40 Hp main drive and a 15 Hp Back drive pulling 3200 g’s. The centrifuge is mounted on a 48 ft long trailer with heated / air-conditioned control room.

Additional items:

One (1) Progressive cavity feed pump with a capacity of 200-gpm
One (1) flow meter for measuring the flow rate
One (1) Aspen polymer emulsion blending system and emulsion feed pump.
One (1) Dewatered solids screw conveyor system
One (1) control system with VFD, panel view operator interface and scroll drive controller.