Filter Press

Mobile Belt Filter PressesThe diverse fleet of belt filter press mobile units available through Aspen Rentals can tackle any dewatering project. Our selection of customized belt filter presses, skid mounted belt presses, gravity belt thickeners, and plate and frame filter presses offer superior sludge dewatering and removal, regardless of industry.

Safety Features

Our mobile belt filter press rental units are situated on trailers and can be delivered right to a project site. The rentals are completely customized and rebuilt to ensure a safe and user friendly unit. Work areas on the trailers are expanded to over 16 feet wide to provide operators with ample space to move and work. The rentals’ pumps and motors are also placed on variable frequency drives so operators are able to manipulate numerous controls simultaneously.

A belt filter press is most often utilized by industrial entities and municipalities for removing liquid from a solid-liquid suspension, or slurry. Because the liquid that is usually extracted from the slurry is water, the process is called dewatering. The belt filter press contains two or three porous belts that accommodate increasing amounts of pressure and gravity to forcibly remove the water from the slurry mixture. The dry filtrate is capture and piped to the bottom of the unit, while the water is drained away. The leftover discharge from the machine is considered friable cake and contains a very high percentage of solids.

In addition to renting out belt press units, Aspen Rentals supplies a line of replacement parts for filter press owners. In addition to carrying satin weave and spiral weave wastewater belts, Aspen Rentals also offers drilled and slotted scraper blades.

If your belt filter press requires both new parts and maintenance, contact the experienced personnel at Aspen Rentals. We offer a full range of maintenance services, including regular servicing, emergency response, preventative dewatering maintenance and process optimization for improved mechanical performance. We can even offer hands-on training for our clients’ engineers and operators.

Aspen Rentals has been providing high quality belt filter press rental units to clientele around the world. Contact us today to learn more about our vast selection of dewatering products and services.

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