Mobile Dewatering Services & Equipment Rentals

mobile dewateringFor the best equipment, services and technical support for mobile dewatering and sludge removal, contact the experts at Aspen Rentals.

For years, we’ve been supplying wastewater, industrial and municipal clients around the world with mobile belt filter presses designed to produce the driest cake and highest amount of solid sludge throughput possible. Our team of technicians have a combined 60 years of experience in the dewatering and sludge removal industry. They have skillfully advised our clients in achieving the most cost efficient and ecologically responsible solutions to their unique sludge removal projects.

Mobile Dewatering

Dewatering is the process of removing a liquid – most often water – from a liquid-solid suspension by use of a belt filter press. Mobile dewatering simply refers to the ability of the belt press to be transported to the site where the dewatering process needs to take place.

A belt press utilizes two or three porous belts that apply increasing gravity and pressure on the slurry mixture. Water is removed from the slurry, leaving behind a sludge with increasingly high solid content. The water is pumped away from the sludge and can be recycled as belt wash water. A friable cake with high solids content is discharged from the machine.

Aspen Mobile Dewatering Equipment

All of the mobile belt filter presses available through Aspen Rentals have been completely rebuilt and customized to ensure operator safety and ease of use. Our trailers have been widened to 16 feet to provide more work space and safe working conditions. The units’ motors and pumps have also been placed on variable frequency drives, allowing total control over numerous variables during the process. We’ve placed priority on providing a diversified fleet that features the most efficient technology to fit your needs.

In addition to our mobile dewatering rental fleet, we also offer services in maintenance, emergency assistance, process optimization and training. We can support out clients through formal maintenance contracts, or on an as-needed basis. Aspen can even provide temporary dewatering capacity should your equipment require major work.

Contact Aspen Rentals for the best mobile dewatering and sludge removal services. We’ll ensure you’re using the right equipment, chemicals and services to achieve a cost effective and time-saving solution to your sludge removal project.

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