Plate and Frame Filter Press Rentals

plate and frame filterAspen Rentals offers a diversified fleet of dewatering equipment that includes a plate and frame filter, a gravity belt thickener, mobile belt filter presses and skid mounted belt presses.

Plate and Frame Filter

For heavy duty jobs, we recommend using a batch dewatering press like a plate and frame filter. Our press is mounted on a 48-foot tri-axle trailer with a conveyor mounted underneath for efficient dewatered sludge removal. The unit requires a 480 three phase 100 amp breaker power supply, although continuous usage usually falls around the 80 amp range. Water requirements for the press must be maintained at 100 gallons per minute at a psi of at least 45.

Gravity Belt Thickener

The gravity belt thickener is skid mounted and features automated flash blending polymer units. The thickener also comes complete with a boost water pump, sludge discharge chute and electronic controls. Similar to the plate and frame filter, the gravity belt thickener requires a 480 three phase 100 amp breaker power supply. This piece of equipment only requires 50 gallons per minute of fresh water at a psi of 40+. Hoses for the sludge feed can be provided upon request.

Mobile & Skid Mounted Belt Filter Presses

Our line of mobile and skid mounted belt filter presses are designed to handle any kind of dewatering application. Our mobile units have been completely rebuilt and customized with operator safety in mind. Trailers have been expanded to at least 16 feet wide to provide enough room for safe maneuvering. Most units feature large or extended gravity zones, two dewatering (dandy) rollers and pumps mounted on variable frequency drives to allow for superior operator control.

Although all our available equipment has been selected based on superior efficiency and performance, it’s important that you select the correct machinery for your specific project. At Aspen Rentals, our team of experienced technicians will evaluate several mechanical methodologies and chemistries surrounding your unique project, including an analysis of sludge characteristics. Afterwards, they’ll recommend particular equipment, polymers and services to ensure a cost efficient and time-saving solution to your dewatering project.

Aspen Rentals has been providing dewatering equipment and services to wastewater, industrial and municipal clients worldwide for years. Whether your project calls for specific polymers, a plate and frame filter, or process optimization for superior equipment performance, Aspen Rentals can help. Contact us today.

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