Oil & Gas Friction Reducers & Chemicals

Aspen Polymers understands the growing need for economical and efficient friction reducers. Working around the clock to ensure each of our clients are pleased, Aspen Polymers has been able to become a superior friction reducer supplier through our highly-effective products and our superior customer service.

Offering competitive pricing, a wide range of products, an experienced and dedicated sales team, Aspen Polymers will supply you with the most efficient and cost effective product to ensure your job is a successful job.

Lowering the total cost of operations and water conservation are at the pinnacle of importance in the mining industry. Mindful of these significant factors Aspen Polymers prides itself in providing the accurate chemistry and the necessary products for efficient mineral processing. Separating ore and gangue materials with Aspen’s highly-effective flocculating agents will contribute to a more cost-effective and productive mining operation.

Water & Wastewater Flocculants

The importance of dewatering and water recycling is an ever growing concern. Satisfying the regulatory compliance requirements when dewatering calls for a diverse supply of flocculating agents with varying chemical structures, charges, and molecular weight to provide optimal results. Understanding of the uniqueness of each sludge, Aspen Polymers preforms extensive lab testing to find the most effective polymer for your job. 

Dredging Polymers

Effectively decreasing settlement time of dredged sediments with the use of polymer proves to be rather cost effective. Working with dredging contractors to provide them with the appropriate polymer for solid/liquid separation, Aspen Polymers has allowed these contractors to achieve a clearer overflow, faster results, and a more cost effective approach to dewater.