Filter belts are sold by the square foot and are made to order.
Please be prepared to provide the length and width in inches at the time of order.
Purchases are not refundable due to inaccurate measurements.
Please double check the accuracy of measurements.
To order call (979) 864-3990

Click HERE for spec sheet.

Belts are connected with clipper seams as is standard in the industry.
Please be familiar with the attachment of clipper seams to prevent unnecessary damages.

Wastewater filter belt for beltpresses. Satin weave, 390 CFM general use filter belt

Perfect cake release & productivity
Better performance across belt lifespan
High dimensional stability
High wear-resistance & durability
Fits all makes, including Andritz, BDP Industries, Pannevis, Komline Sanderson, US Filter, Simon Hartley, Krupp, Belmer, Sernagiotto, Delkor, GL&V, BHS
Stainless clipper seam