Filter belts are sold by the square foot and are made to order.
Please be prepared to provide the length and width in inches at the time of order.
Purchases are not refundable due to inaccurate measurements.
Please double check the accuracy of measurements.
To order call (979) 864-3990

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Belts are connected with clipper seams as is standard in the industry.
Please be familiar with the attachment of clipper seams to prevent unnecessary damages.

Aspen’s Spiral Belts — available as filter belts, dryer fabrics or conveyor belts — are easy to fit, simple to clean and remain stable even after long running times for hassle-free operation. Their invisible seam, made of spiral loops, offers the same strength as the belt itself, and their large contact surface improves drying efficiency.

Spiral belts can be supplied in standard PET white yarn or constructed with Teflon-coated Synalloy-Y® PET to protect against hydrolysis and high temperatures while producing excellent release properties. Abralloy Green® also can be used for abrasion-resistant applications.

Our Spiral Belts’ features include:

Smoothness and good cake release
Supplied in sizes up to 10 meters wide
Filled or unfilled to achieve differing filtration characteristics
Sealed edges for lasting, economical solutions
Elimination of the mechanical clipper seam
Proprietary Armorguard polyurethane edges
Multiple monofilament styles with small to large aperture
300-900 CFM