Sludge Dewatering Filter Press Rentals

sludge dewatering filter pressA sludge dewatering filter press is used to remove a liquid from a solid-liquid suspension, or slurry, in a variety of municipal and wastewater industries. At Aspen Rentals, we offer a diversified fleet of four different kinds of filter presses to provide effective and efficient sludge removal solutions to your dewatering projects.

Sludge Dewatering Filter Press

During the dewatering process, a belt filter press is used to forcibly remove liquid, or water, from a slurry solution. Porous belts apply increasing pressure and gravity to the mixture, forcing filtration. The resulting sludge has a high solids content, and is often discharged from the machine as a friable cake.

Aspen Rentals can match the best sludge dewatering filter press option to our client’s unique needs. After analysis your sludge characteristic and project limitations, our technicians can recommend the equipment to best service your project.

Mobile & Skid Mounted Belt Press Filters

Both mobile and skid mounted belt filter presses are ideal for continuous dewatering applications. The units are completely rebuilt and customized for superior operator safety and ease of use. We widen our trailers to at least 16 feet to ensure ample amounts of safe work space. We also mount the units’ pumps and motors on variable frequency drives to ensure superior operator control throughout the entire duration of the dewatering process.

Gravity Belt Thickener

Our gravity belt thickener requires 50 gallons of fresh water pumped per minute at a psi of at least 40. A patented pressure plate allows the operator full control of adjusting the amount of pressure applied by the machine. The skid thickener also comes complete with a boost water pump, a sludge discharge chute, electronic controls and automated flash blending polymer units.

Plate and Frame Filter Press

For heavy jobs that require batch dewatering, we recommend using a plate and frame filter press. At least 100 gallons of fresh water pumped per minute is required to operate this press, at a psi of 45. The sludge dewatering filter press is securely situated on a 48-foot tri-axle trailer. A conveyor belt is mounted beneath the trailer for efficient disposal of dewatered cake solids.

No matter what kind of sludge dewatering filter press you need, Aspen Rentals can provide it. Call on our experienced team of professionals to recommend the best equipment for your specific job to ensure project success.

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