Sludge Dewatering

dewateringFor years, Aspen Rentals has been a leading source of sludge dewatering tools and services throughout the country and the world. From our expansive and diverse fleet of mobile belt filter presses, to our exceptional maintenance services, to our selection of high quality products and superior polymers and chemicals, Aspen Rentals is a respected authority on sludge dewatering, no matter the industry.

The Process of Sludge Dewatering

Various industries and municipalities rely on the process of sludge dewatering to remove liquid from a slurry mixture, which contains both solids and liquids. Often time, the liquid being removed is water, which is why the process is referred to as “de-watering.” The physical act of filtration, squeezing, compaction and centrifugal separation is much more intensely and consistently carried out by use of mechanical dewatering. Belt filter presses are often used to filtrate the liquid from the slurry mixture with the use of porous belts. These belts allow both gravity and pressure to remove water and thicken the slurry into sludge. The resulting filtrate is removed and piped to the base of the machine. The subsequent water has very low solids and is drained back to the head of the plant.

Mobile Belt Press Rentals

The impressive fleet of mobile belt press rentals available through Aspen Rentals have been designed to provide the highest quality separation and sludge dewatering possible. Each mobile press has been custom-built to ensure quality performance, user friendliness and operator safety. At Aspen Rentals, we constantly strive to ensure our customers have access to the latest technology in sludge dewatering applications. By providing cost effective, ecologically responsible and time saving solutions to our clients’ unique dewatering situations, we’ve established ourselves as an industry leader.

In addition to our rental units, we offer a selection of replacement parts that can be ordered for machine repair. Our stock of polymers and chemicals also ensures that your belt presses are performing at their best. We offer oil and gas friction reducers to minimize damage to your machine, water and wastewater flocculants to assist in water recycling, and dredging polymers to decrease settlement time.

No matter what you need to successfully accomplish your sludge dewatering project, Aspen Rentals has the machinery, products and know-how to help you finish strong. Contact us today!

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