Sludge Disposal

For years, Aspen Rentals has been providing sludge disposal and dewatering solutions to municipalities, mining industries, water and wastewater treatment plants and oilfield services around the world. Our impressive fleet of customized belt press rentals have been completely rebuilt to ensure safe and user-friendly units.

Dewatering & Sludge Disposal Process

Belt presses are designed to remove liquid from a solid-liquid mixture, or slurry. In most cases, the liquid being removed is water, which is why the process is referred to as “de-watering.” Porous belts apply increasing amounts of gravity and pressure to the slurry mixture, forcing the filtration of the solids from liquids. In some instances, the resulting water, or filtrate, is recycled as belt wash water. When using our rental units, the resulting sludge disposal will be both high in quantity and pure solid content.

Belt Press Rental Units

Aspen Rentals stocks 13 mobile belt presses, 9 skid mounted belt presses, a gravity belt thickener and a plate and frame filter press.

The mobile belt filter presses are mounted on trailers that have been widened to 16 feet for operator safety. The pumps and motors have also been placed on variable frequency drivers to allow the operator complete control of numerous variables during the sludge disposal and dewatering process.

Like the mobile belt presses, skid mounted belt presses offer continuous dewatering applications. The majority of our skid mounted presses feature an extended gravity zone and at least two dewatering dandy rollers.

Our plate and frame filter press is great for batch dewatering, and is mounted on a 48ft tri-axle trailer. The press requires a 48 three phase 100 amp breaker power supply, although continuous usage only requires around 80 amps each. Hoses for sludge disposal and feed are available upon request.

Aspen Rental’s gravity belt thickener is a 2.2. meter skid mounted thickener. It comes complete with automated flash blending polymer units, electronic controls, a boost water pump and a sludge disposal chute.

The diverse fleet of belt press filters available through Aspen Rentals can tackle any dewatering or sludge disposal job. Contact the experts at Aspen Rentals for assistance in finding the right rental for your project.

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