Wastewater Equipment

belt press rentalWith years of experience in the dewatering and sludge removal industry, Aspen Rentals has accumulated an impressive collection of wastewater equipment that can tackle any sludge dewatering and removal project.

All of the high quality mobile belt press rental units available through Aspen Rentals have been completely rebuilt with operator safety and ease of use in mind. The units’ motors and pumps have all been placed on variable frequency drives, allowing operator control of numerous variables throughout the entire sludge dewatering process. We even expanded all mobile trailers to accommodate at least 16 feet of width to provide safe space for operators.

Our diverse fleet of mobile belt presses, skid mounted presses and additional wastewater equipment allows Aspen Rentals to offer our clients the most efficient and cost-effective technology to fit their individual situations.

At Aspen Rentals, we’re committed to providing our customers with the newest technology in wastewater equipment available. By providing a variety of ecologically responsible and cost effective solutions to our customer’s unique projects, Aspen Rentals has been established as a leading authority on sludge dewatering. We’ve worked with wastewater and industrial clients throughout the country and the world who required our experienced technical support and exceptional rental units in successfully accomplishing their dewatering projects.

In addition to our superior wastewater equipment, Aspen Rentals offers a variety of maintenance services and replacement parts. Browse our inventory of filter belts and scraper blades for minor repairs on existing equipment. Or, if your machinery requires more extensive work, contact our technicians for a selection of quality maintenance services.

We also stock a line of polymers and chemicals to keep your wastewater equipment and belt presses performing at their best. Check out our selection of oil and gas friction reducers and chemicals to ensure smooth performance and lessen heat buildup. Our water and wastewater flocculants can help with water recycling, and our line of dredging polymers are ideal for cutting down on sediment settlement times.

No matter your dewatering or wastewater equipment needs, Aspen Rentals is here to help. Contact us today.

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